Start of production anchor winches Steel Hands 35

Good afternoon!

Dear customers, are pleased to announce the start of production of anchor winches Steel Hands 35. Unfortunately, the timing of the start of production shifted with respect to the previously planned. There were a number of events that have influenced the transfer of this period. This is related to the manufacture of plastic closures. This process is new for our company, but because of our excessive demands for the quality of the product we have a number of defects in molded test specimens covers have been identified. For this reason, sales start is delayed for two weeks. It is that time will be needed to eliminate the defects in the manufacture of molds.

We apologize for any inconvenience to the transfer time of shipment to all those who have already booked a winch at the offices of their countries, as well as our partners. We appreciate your confidence in our company and products manufactured by us …