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Subject: Anchor windlass STRONGER – STEEL HANDS 30-40

Ruslan 35

Active Member

I saw her alive today and checked the work
I liked the work very much, in comparison with the Minkota 40


Candidate in the “tubers”

Honestly to say it is not live, I judge it purely with descriptions and photos. According to the technical data, everything seems to be in chocolate. But here its square design with protruding bolts just killed



A sign personally with the INVENTOR, the excellent guys long tormented her while have made. Really responsible guys. If I’m not mistaken for 2 years, they tortured trial copies for a full program, while the reliability of endurance and silence in work were not enough. They too are inveterate fishermen. Respect and respect.


Yesterday I saw the winch touched rutsami and even experienced. At first glance, a compact, low-noise good thing. The mincot is quieter. But the lid with a stainless steel, I would replace the plastic or at least aluminium with a flute. All IMHO.


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And I will say it!
also played it on Yamaha in Osokorki, design – cool, shiny stainless steel – for an amateur, but as a whole will go. I will not list all the advantages that others have already described (the main thing is the silence of the work and autoset), I will say that perhaps one of the most important is IT’S GUARANTEE, yes it’s going to be from components that are available and available. I will not denigrate anyone, but Minkota took me twice, and find a lantern on her or a motor …. oh, how it was not just turned out. I had to solder the “Zhiguli”, the benefit was the wise electricians.

A service for this – in Kiev and it is available.

Well, tests will be shown.

PS. no negative is caused by the button on top, it is recessed from accidental depression and at a length of at least 5 meters, its presence is very important. Again, however, in Minkote on the liner, I regularly press my button on the button, when it “fell apart” on the nose.

Well time and experience is needed.


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Good day, I want to say a few words about STRONGER as a man holding a winch in his hands (he installed two pieces). Impressions are only positive,
The winch is really made very soundly. The exterior view is much more interesting than in the picture. The design is certainly peculiar, but it looks cool on the boat. Using stainless steel in the case as a practitioner, I consider it justified by 300 percent, plastic cases break down and often. I personally had two minnkots from the states with cracks, and this is a winch which is not yet out of the box, about broken off and lost sleeves for fixing the lid on the minnokote generally silent. If someone does not like the look of polished stainless steel, you can close it with vinyl , carbon and so on, a lot of materials, higher in the topic Dimon put the photo of the winch in carbon for aluminum (by the way, I did it, but I’m not an enthusiast, I’m earning it) finally cover. Now on vnjuryanke.Pervoe that liked this anti-corrosion coating, not even I resisted tried poshkryabat, keeps excellent. I think about corrosion, you can forget. All gears, axles, frame, and so on. metal, no plastic or powder hreni.Podgonka all the details are good, no foreign noise, no knocking, no grunts. The winch device is quite simple and thoughtful. Access to all nodes is free, lubricate, clean, service, no problems whatsoever. Control: button yes two typical relays. By the way the button is prudently sunk into the case (additional protection against accidental discharge)
Similar to the Minnock connector for an additional button.
Not an unimportant question, noisiness. Equated with minnkota (The tractor for understandable reasons to drag is not stali.Shumyat is approximately the same, only in Minnkota noise is slightly higher, in the Stronger below.

In general, it is inexpensive to sell Minn Kota Deckhand 40 almost new, in perfect condition, watched as a child’s dear. Who needs to knock in a personal.
But seriously, in my opinion, unequivocally the best winch for today, and the most pleasant Ukrainian. I doubted myself, I thought we could only make money by doing something, I’m very glad that I made a mistake. The developers of developers are respected. Now I will recommend clients exactly Stronzher. Well, it’s like that .
with uv. Vladimir.


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I also use 40ko (on a boat) and 30koy on a noodle, while there were no complaints.
work quietly and quickly.


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I also decided to buy 40 models. Already fishing 8 with her passed, in principle is satisfied. I do not know how I did without a winch! Really a convenient thing, but I think its full potential will open when the water becomes icy and an active search for pikeperch will begin.



What is the “Stock for the safe transportation of the anchor” and how to use it? I have STRONGER – STEEL HANDS 30

ZY Ranshe used Minn Kota and when buying 30, the free discharge did not even think. But after trying 35, I realized that I want to !!!
How can I do some work?



I will report about my winch installation. 35 model.
concealed installation on plastic.
and so – in order:
-with my own rouls I had to tinker a lot to look normal, and not as a workpiece. (everyone has his own concept of beauty).
- after 20-30 runs the native cable in the anchor area begins to satay (I will put a meter of chain, so that the anchor does not lose)
- The winch works quietly and quickly.
- does not always hold the anchor in a roll. (it used to hang at the entrance and then do not pull, you have to let go by a centimeter and raise again.)
-Stock rings made of black metal. rust in a second.
And so at this stage-pleased.


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I personally and many friends + customers have changed the mincot on the 35th … and are very satisfied with the exception of some nuances: the first is that the anchor does not always come into the rouls from 12 kg and the rust of some knots that do not bother me personally, but customers yes! But my IMHO, that “heaven and earth” is just about mines to a cat with its jambs and TTX …


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That’s why I took myself 35 with a free discharge, but there were other nuances! It seems that they have already been eliminated! Sold a boat with a winch the further history of the winch I do not know! Now, on a new boat, motor-guards have installed quite another thing! Although I’m thinking about a replacement mount that would put a new stronger

  Feedback from the site

Author: Dimon_11 (—

Date: 02-11-14 23:06

To date ….. in winch all possible flaws have been eliminated. As for me … today is better not.

Author: Dimanvn (—
Date: 20-11-14 16:47

I think that the seller behaves with dignity. Honestly answering the questions, the winch dispatched within an hour after payment. Yes, there are some nuances with it, I’ll just paint the lid myself, tk the boat in the camouflage, and the stain really tear out the eye, but in general, from the fact that there is a market in this money, I think stronger is the best option.

In general, I want a winch for the last two years, last season my friend ventured to buy a tract, so the free discharge broke down in the 3rd exit. So she works for him, but without a dump and with the sound of a port crane. This we will test, according to the results of my answer

Author: crucian (178.47.185 .—)
Date: 22-01-16 20:43

Well, I’m just your future client :) At the moment the boat is under repair. I saw and touched only the 40th model – I liked it. I assume that 35 should not be worse. Good luck!

Author: vlad61a (—

Date: 10-02-16 21:13

paxa25, and did you use this winch?
My friends have experience of using winches that you bought and these winches.
Three of my friends will put the 40th stringers on the busters, and I’m waiting for the 35-ystronzhe at the 505th finch.
We liked the quality and reliability.

Author: Serhio85 (—
Date: 11-02-16 02:29

On Ebay Winch Trac 45 – 246 dollars, Stronger 35 will be 295 dollars, it’s not such a big difference when buying an item that you plan to use for a long time. Positive comments about strongere heard and read more than on the track, although they are on the market not so long ago, plus the availability of service and parts availability … chooses a winch, and a comparative analysis of the two, according to the description and reviews of actual users, I tend to stronger (especially frightens off the volume of the track). And so … time will tell. IMHO

Author: LuzakovMV (178.67.234 .—)
Date: 05-03-16 03:30

Appearance creditable !!!
Then suddenly I thought, if I was a winch designer, I would consider the possibility of making a reinforced lid not with an inclined, but with a horizontal upper surface, so that you can boldly step on it with your feet. Well, since the place in the nose still takes, then to at least get up on it could be …. And with a viewing window to watch how the cord is wound …. It’s just that I just wrote for a chat :) … Although , what the hell is not joking, maybe in the next model …. :)

And so everything is fine, I’m waiting for the first delivery to Russia – I made it before the order, I made the money. It would be good to get to the end of March, and immediately go to order a new boat …

Author: Sergey61 (—
Date: 16-03-16 00:18
Just a few days ago, I was with a friend on a fishing trip on his boat, on which your winch is mounted … The water is just above zero, the air temperature too, often had to move around, rearrange … In general, it was buzz, not fishing. Here I got the idea to put on a boat. Tell me please, which winch advise you to put on the boat Tracker 175? Maybe there is where you have a photo with the winch installed on an American. I have an electric motor on my nose, I wonder if it’s possible to install a winch. I’ll wait for an answer, with uv. Sergei.

Author: evgen67 (188.254.126 .—)
Date: 31-03-16 02:27

I’ve been reading and just about … from some types who expose themselves as specialists and teach everyone how to use a winch, etc. I’ve been using this winch for 2 years already and except for pleasure I have not received any other sensations. And the factory sales factory managed to ur, although the anchor was self-propelled. The guys from STRONGER do not pay attention to ghouls. This only tells you that your winch has become a success. And the more successful you are, the more you will be pestered. I wish you further development of your products. Not many can boast in such a short time the release of several, and quite different in principle, winches.

Author: Sergey61 (—
Date: 02-04-16 12:47

evgen67 wrote:

……….. I’m using this
> winch for 2 years and except for pleasure did not receive any other sensations. AND
> The factory shop coped with Ur, although the anchor was self-propelled. The guys from STRONGER
> Do not pay attention to ghouls. This only means that your winches
> began to enjoy success ………….

+1. He himself ordered a winch, just after he was fishing with his friend on his boat and understood all the charm. I very rarely go on a foreign boat, almost never, but it happens. The helper is working at anchor, in the summer it’s still going on, but the main fishing is when the water is cold … In general, who is in the topic, he will understand me. He watched the work of the winch for two days, a friend uses it the second season, and this is practically a weekly trip to the Volga, with its current, constant movements in search of fish. Success to manufacturers and their companions. You do a good and necessary job!

Author: Safe KEKS (83.220.236 .—)
Date: 03-04-16 18:50

Good day to all!
At the beginning of last season, he placed the 40th Stronger. Winch is satisfied. Quiet, fast. Even very fast, I would say. Taking out the anchor, I always want to stop the winch at that moment, that the anchor would stay in the water, in order to chat it and wash the mud and mud. So in 4 cases out of 5 did not have time. Anchor jumps out of the water and had to do a new reset. I painted a mark on the cord with a waterproof marker on which I stop doing the rewinding, then I wash off the dirt and exhaust it to the end. Another minus, in my opinion is. When the anchor is dropped, when it touches the bottom, the winch shaft is not blocked and continues to reset the cord. At the current it does not bother. Stretched out as it should and blocked the shaft. But on the lake I pierced. The anchor fell to the bottom, the winch shaft turns and dumps the cord, the boat twists in place in the wind back to here. The cord strings nebylo and loops of the cord on the shaft loose and not stretched, as in the spring, when rolled up, fell over the side of the coil and hit the gears, where the cord was snacked. I had to cut it in a barbarous way. Meter 5 had to be thrown out. After the Novgorod lakes I went to the Don, there I found, stretching out in a strong wind, that the cord was chewed again and somewhere in the middle. As a result, I changed the cord to a new one. And I do not see any more minuses. How can I remember how to tug the anchor with my hands once a day, then I’ll shudder. Especially in October / November- :)

Author: Serhio85 (78.25.122 .—)
Date: 15-04-16 21:49

Good afternoon! Today I got a winch, externally everything was fine, I arrived without damage, I liked the design and build quality. Technically, I’ll check it out a bit later.
In the operating instructions it is written: when planing the boat, be sure to fix the anchor in the eye of the wheel with a special bolt.
It turns out every time you need to do this when moving from point to point?
Did not find the sealing rubber washers (listed in paragraph 9) should they go in the kit?

Author: DiMasta (—
Date: 01-05-16 01:46

Good afternoon!
Recently I purchased the 35th model and successfully installed it. During the installation, he made a video for the future video about upgrading his Kazanka 5М3. In the photo there is a screenshot from the video. During the season I will test this swan and try to shoot a review clip (it will be my subjective opinion). At first approach “bird” liked. I hope, in work will not fail.
P.S. By the way, the anchor I immediately liked the anchor, and now also with the function “unassailable” – very good! Of course, the price of $ 60 (+ shipping) is rather big because of the current rate …

Author: Gelios_el (—

Date: 14-06-16 17:54

In general, positive emotions from exploitation.

With your permission, the winch I bit “castrated”.)))
Unscrew unnecessary fasteners for the cover and put the contact relays in a place more convenient for maintenance and away from moisture without changing the length of the wiring. I hope the operation without the lid in the locker and the transfer of the relay will not affect the guarantee on the winch. )))))
Coexistence is undoubtedly observed
In general, it turned out that, then on the photo, except – the temporary button is removed, and the cover is installed. And of course the cord is rewound under load.

Author: DiMasta (2.94.98 .—)
Date: 14-06-16 19:22
Last Sunday we also managed to test this swan a little.

From the positive:
1. Rapid release of the drum for free anchor reset.
2. Fast enough lifting of the anchor.
3. Quiet work

What I would like to improve / change:
1. The edges of the roulsya, definitely, you need to round off! The photo shows the position of the rope with the anchor fixed on the bottom. There was windy weather, the boat as it did not unfold … The angle was sometimes even sharper than in the photo. I’m afraid for the safety of the cable …
2. Cover. I have it metal, painted in black (there was a special order for the dealer in Krasnoyarsk). Firstly, as I said, it looks worse than polished stainless steel. Secondly, after splashing, you have to wipe it every time from divorce. If you do not, they will get into the paint and they will never be erased (there is a sad experience). The plastic cover, in my opinion, is not at all good …

1. As I said, on that day it was windy, a big wave, so sometimes on the move water came to the winch. How well is the control button on the lid protected from water?
2. During the course of the wave, the boat was pretty shaken and the biggest loads, as you understand in the bow. With a long transition from the place slipa to the fishing place (about 16 km.), Of course, the anchor was fixed with a special bolt that goes in the kit (by the way, the anchor anchorage bracket to the cable had to be bought longer because it did not suffice). But when moving from place to place, of course, nothing was fixed and there were some concerns about the reliability of the lock of the drum. In the 40th model there is a gear-principle, but here it is not. How reliable is it with strong shock loads? Will self-assembly occur? You understand that this is a very serious security issue. at a speed of 40 km / h, with an accidental dropping of the anchor, there can be a terrible …

In any case, thank you for this product and attitude.

Author: Tkach159 (5.141.195 .—)
Date: 16-06-16 15:50
Also write my impressions on the use of the winch (35th).
There was a winch on the water, four fishing.
Anchor put a fungus 13 kg, not rubberized (photo attached). At once it was necessary to sew the drawbar at anchor, otherwise it did not enter the end to the end of the rouless. Petals, too, did not spend much to get in better.
Now its weight is 12.3 kg, keeps well, plans to put a cable.
Now over the winch.
Works quietly, high.
Once the thermal relay worked, when the anchor was planted in the bucket. Holding the lift button, after a small winding swan just stopped working on the rise. The reset almost immediately worked. I gave the slacker the motor and got it in hand. Relay – weigh.
But .. as always there is a small fly-ointment.
My anchor at the discharge sometimes paws on the rubber edge on the bow of the boat (the photo is above the posts), it is necessary to correct it manually. And all because the factory roulds are short for my boat. And after another they’ll take it off with a guarantee, I do not want to.
I give a hundred a hundred feet up, what the manufacturer will say – we need to take an extension cord and just them, or change the anchor (which I do not want to do). Only this extension will cost me almost 3t.r. with delivery.
Most likely, this season I will roll back like this, and the next I will order a rolls specifically for my boat.
Well, it scratches the anchor that is. I’ll take the photo in the evening.

Author: MAESTRO245 (—
Date: 16-06-16 22:32

Good afternoon. Thank you for the winch. Today, the choice of manufacturers is small, especially for fishermen. Winch 35th. I will add my feedback, since you take into account the opinions of customers and in the future, positive changes for consumers are possible. When there are no problems at all – it means no one is interested. He put the winch with the anchor Navi. It works clearly, quietly. If properly used – winds smoothly, nothing to eat. While the truth of the experience is insignificant, only began to exploit. Wishes are as follows: a roll is really needed with rounded edges. Or at least put a metal safety line, but rather a chain. At this point, the rope quickly deteriorates if it is not done. If anyone is interested lay out the photos as a winch. Salute-480

Author: Vahram (—
Date: 17-06-16 17:52

He also installed a winch (photo spread in the subject about Volzhanka 46), I wait for the anchor. The cat was tested with an anchor, without calling at the roulds (so to speak for understanding the process). What can I say (compare is with what, on different boats stood and Minn Kota and Track 45), works perfectly quietly (now on a pond not whom I will not scare :) ), the design is very simple, hence quite repairable-fit in the field (oh I’ve already worn out with the gears of Track 45, changed it twice – lapped the hooks (but maybe I’m so unlucky)), about the clip, it has more Track than the roll itself, i.e. stands for the edges somewhere 1.5 – 2 cm, so that’s also not good. Provided that the cable to the roll at an acute angle (as in the photo above), the edge of the roller breaks off for one or two. Second, God forbid to rest on the pier to the pier or nearby the standing boat (there were also such cases, for example, in joint-stock companies on bases, or at competitions in Konakovo), again roller fur animals. The original video costs from 600 to 800 rubles (how lucky), last season changed two. On this roller roller is protected, but the edges agree sharp. The best option is to flare them, but until I find someone who will take it, I will use it.

Author: Misha Rostov (Quintrex 455) (—
Date: 17-06-16 19:04

Good day to all
I’ll do my bit. Winch is satisfied. Silent, smart, black plastic body is mine, I do not like shiny ones. Regarding the grinding rope … even during tests in the garage, he noticed that the rope immediately after the knot near the anchor began to be rubbed, as it was in this place when dragging the anchor peak load (friction + gravity) onto the rope. It is treated as already written above by installing a cable or chain. For five days of operation, no other defects were detected. Anchor 9kg. an extension of the roulds from the Baltic … with him it was necessary to tinker … it is standard to the rounder of the winch does not fit the alignment of the holes for the fasteners. Concerning the rubbing of the rope by the edges of the rouls …. there was no situation close to the possible for five days … perhaps because I only catch a predator and it makes no sense for me to become a stretcher. In general, I agree that such a situation is possible. I think in the near future we will hear from the manufacturer a deliberate technical answer.

Author: vladislav163 (141.0.176 .—)

Date: 20-06-16 14:49

I got a winch. Installed. So far, I did not have time to try it out on the water.

First impression. Made well, but all the nuts must be stretched, the cable for free discharge is additionally compressed, the mounting bolts are changed to a stainless steel, it works silently. The native roll is awful.

And yet I do not understand why the lid is bolted with a curly hat? Is it now for me to carry a special screwdriver specially for the winch?

Author: evgen67 (217.107.124 .—)
Date: 22-06-16 02:23

I personally already have two winches 40 and 35. At 40 anchor 15 kg, 35-9 kg. Pulls out on Ur, and on factory roulles. I do not know what it does not suit you, but it’s a matter of taste. Who prevents the whole rouls from setting up another and silently catching fish? How does the manufacturer know that you used another roulse for that matter? I think I just want someone to scoff that’s all. And the problem of sharp edges I decided simply. He took the tube from the stainless steel, cut it along the bulgarian and scored a whirlwind. Although with such edges did not grind anything. And Stronger company I wish only good. Let them come up with more excellent products

Author: DiMasta (—
Date: 25-06-16 22:31

Then I’ll say it again (for those who read this forum and while thinking about the acquisition), that these winch data are very worthy !!!
I have the 35th model, my friend’s 40th. Almost everyone is happy. There is one small drawback – the sharp edges of the roll. The manufacturer heard about this and tackled this issue. It seems to me that it should be so, when the producer takes care of his reputation.

Author: LIFT (178.57.122 .—)
Date: 15-12-17 20:49

I got an action winch, thank you very much!
of course Chinese Sia pro / tra in comparison does not go, quite another thing !, the execution of a free reset, the quality of the execution of nodes, and this chic sound of work ..), and for money 30 the model came out as a new china with the repair for the operating season, in Overall I’m happy with Slon :) with the coming!))